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   wvNovaStorm Commercial Release  Send this story to a friend   

Webvida is happy to announce the release of the wvNovaStorm theme for Postnuke. The theme is similair to the one featured on this website (, with a few minor design changes.

Included is the FireworksMX template and with this you can easily change the heading images and many other parts of the theme. If you don't have FWMX you can use the blank templates I have included for buttons, etc.

Preview wvNovaStorm

Click "readmore" to find out about purchase options.

On receiving confirmation of your payment we will send you details on how to download your new theme. Although this is normally resolved within a few hours, please wait up to 48 hours before contacting us.

wvNovaStorm is available in three packages with the first of these being the "Basic" distribution - this package includes all files and the FireworksMX template. Due to the extremely low price tag of this package we cannot offer any support services and if support is urgently needed charges will be incurred. In saying this we offer full support for any bugs or defects in the code that are due to programming errors on our part. A forum will be set up for this and access will be public. Webvida reserves the right to determine what is a bug and what is not a bug.  

 Basic Package:$US 6.99

The second Package being the premium distribution contains all the features of the first package along with full support services. There will be an exclusive forum available only to premium customers and there all your queries will be answered in timely fashion. This service does not include further customisation of the theme - any further customisation required on our part will be charged for accordingly.  

  Premium Package:$US 19.99

The third package is what we term as the VIP package, this is the full deal and includes all the features of the first two packages along with ALL of the customisation/installation/modification services that you may require.    

  VIP Package:$US 39.99

Premium and VIP cutomers: You will be sent Usernames and Passwords giving you exclusive access to the wvNovaStorm support forum.


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