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Download profile: wvNovaStormX 
Added : 24-Oct-2004
Price : $29.99

WOW!!! What can we say? wvNovastorm was the first ever commercial theme created by Webvida and is very special to us, in fact we almost chose it as the theme for www.webvida.com!

Now you've really gotta check out the live demo on this one, especially play with the buttons and the login link in the header - notice how the information changes in REAL TIME? Each of the "pages" in the header represents a block area so you can easily add your own information! The theme is currently setup so that the news summary is displayed in the left column of the home page - normally where the left blocks are (the left blocks come up when subpages are visited). We have done this to make the theme look less like a "normal" cms theme and encourage you to use the top block (areas1 -5) to create an attractive navagation system for your website.

We suggest that you use HTML blocks in these areas (don't make them to long though as it will frustrate a visitor if they have to scroll for too long) to create your navigation; this means you can have a short discription along with your links to help your visitor to easily choose the area of the site they require. You can easily change it back to the boring old way if you need to as well...

This theme has recently been re-engineered and re-programed to Autotheme 1.7 / 0.7 specifications so if you purchased this in the past, be sure to upgrade! Also to PHPnuke users: the long wait is over! wvNovaStormX is now compatible with PHPnuke, along with all the other nuke platforms!!!

*** Fully Multi-langauge Capable ***

The wvNovaStormX theme includes 3 themeTypes:
  • themeIndex - For the home page; you can have it set with news in the left column or easily change to the orthodox way :)
  • themeDefault - For module display along with 2 block areas above and below the module output,
  • themeWide - fullwidth diplay of modules without the left blocks; a must for PNphpBB2!
  • All easily set through the Autotheme Admin area!
  • Autotheme 1.7 or AT-Lite 0.7
  • Compatibility (Other versions should work but this is at own risk):
    • Postnuke 0.72x
    • MD-Pro 1.0.x
    • Envolution 1.25F
    • PHPnuke 6.9, 7.0
NOTE: It is a good idea to install autotheme 0.7 before purchase - if it works, our themes should as well.

Source Files Included:
  • Macromedia Fireworks MX Template
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Template
Dear Customer, for your security it is required that a Webvida Token be generated before continuing with the purchase. This ensures that the item required can be instantly made available to you after payment. If you have already generated a Webvida Token elsewhere you may access it by logging in here. You are encouraged to generate a Webvida Token even if you don't wish to continue with the purchase as it will give you access to a whole network of online shopping and affiliate possibilities. Also from time to time you will automatically go into the draw to win prizes and cash.
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