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Jun 20, 2004
Why do I love the MD-Pro CMS?
For the simple fact that it is light years ahead of any other CMS in it's class, it is very simple to use, it is compatible will all postnuke and envolution modules and most of all the fact that it is fast and comes with Autotheme pre installed. In fact the creater of Autotheme is an active developer of MD-Pro so you can be sure your theme will always be compatible when it comes time to upgrade.

Webvida has been involved with Nuke type content management systems for many years now and we only use the best - that's why we used md-pro for this website; we as your CMS experts fully endorse MD-Pro as the number 1 nuke type GPL CMS available today :)

Take it for a test drive today! We are sure you will be impressed!

PS: How many Postnuke sites do you see that look anything like Webvida.com? NONE. It is only possible to make sites like Webvida.com using MD-Pro :)

To receive the wv0031mt theme for free display this message somewhere on an installation of the MD-Pro content management system:

<your webvida username> loves Webvida!!!

Send the URL to the email address helpme[at]webvida.com [at]=@

YOu may not use this theme on any other cms aprt from MD-pro, but you can purchase it for $29.99 to use on other CMS Systems.

Author: Lobos
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