Best Themes

Theme enables users to change the appearance and functional navigation of the website without altering the content. Here, are some of the best WordPress themes. Some of the themes can be downloaded for free!

Manifest is a classic theme with neat typography. The appeal lies in its elegant, minimalist style. Plain horizontal navigation makes this theme easily accessible for user. Maximum focus on the main content makes this theme special. This is a single column theme. Manifest is well suited if you want to highlight the text.

DePo Clean
DePo Clean is a flexible theme with minimal design. This has three performance columns that adhere to a five column grid. The elegant structure makes reading easy for users. This theme comes with a feature that easily incorporates ads in the right-hand column. You can manage text, pictures and links with ease. DePo Clean comes with Flickr integration.

Grid Focus
Grid Focus is an attractive theme with striking typography. The design is clear and consistent throughout the site. This is a three-column template. Navigation menu is placed above the text box and at the bottom. Grid Focus offers a broad scope for advertising. You can use the last column to highlight featured posts and other widgets.

The Morning After
The Morning After is a vivid theme specially designed for magazine-style websites. This is one of the best magazine templates on WordPress. This is a grid-based template with three columns in the homepage. You can customize the header image according to your need. The Morning After allows highlighting featured posts with associate thumbnails and images. Readers can email stories directly from that page. Readers can also choose a print-friendly version. It also enables readers to email. It is also compatible with a good number of widgets.

Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane has a distinctive style with subtle typography and style. It is vivid and attractive with fair use of images. You can choose from the two available images. The uniqueness of this theme lies in making the text look elegant and easy to read. Sugar Cane allows easy customization of colors and fonts.

Summernight has a youthful look. This theme is an inevitable eye catcher with strong potential to attract users. It is more vibrant and dark. This is also a one-column theme. Rio is another such blog.

Thematic, Typebased, Magazeen, Neoclassical and Zack 990 are some of the other best themes on WordPress.

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