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Finding Talented Sales Representatives- A Guide for Companies and Businesses Online and in the Real World

The online and offline business world is fast changing with companies adopting unique sales and marketing strategies to capitalize on profits. In the value chain, the competency of the whole team will define the level of success achieved and crucial to this, is the sales team. Besides being responsible for boosting profits through increased sales, the sales team also acts as the business’s ambassadors. With this said, it is therefore important to carefully scrutinize and select the right individuals who will share the company’s goals and visions. It is essential to know that credentials and resumes should not always act as the determining factors as personality traits and attitude of individuals are also paramount factors that can go a long way in guiding you to find the right team for the task. Here are some of the basics you should wield before hiring your sales team.

Communication Skills:

Communication serves as one of the most essential artillery in a sales person’s arsenal. Sealing deals and finalizing sales involves high levels of eloquence to relay important pieces of information accurately to potential buyers and customers about the product. Besides this, the sales person also has to effectively communicate with other members of staff and colleagues to avoid delays and other related barriers.

Relationship Skills:

salemen at lunchIn business, building and maintaining relationships is vital. Competent sales people are always fast to build relationships and remarkable at flourishing the already created links. These are indeed factors that make a sales person successful and while interviewing individuals, it would be in your best interest to quiz about past experiences and follow up on them.
Drive and Zeal:

Experience has always been a good measuring scale especially in finding out the competency levels. You want an individual that is capable of making remarkable sales and in business, it is said that numbers don’t lie. Enquire about a candidate’s sales history to find out whether he/she has the required zeal to not only bring in new business but also grow the existing ones as well.


Sometimes, handling the large numbers of interviewees can be not only daunting but overwhelming as well. Without a proper and structured criterion to follow, substantial and significant time will be lost which would be otherwise used to make sales. One easy assessment that can be used to sieve out the chaff is through pin-pointing the best in-house sales people prior to using their individual skill sets to design and focus the assessment on. This will not only help you come up with a trimmed list of capable individuals, but also identify the lacking areas in the already existing staff.

Knowledge is power and one of the best traits that defines the success of sales representatives. Every interviewee should indeed have amassed significant info on the products sold by you company way ahead of the one-on-one session. This not only shows the zeal and passion wielded by an individual, but also portrays his/her intelligence even before perusing through the credentials. Sealing deals with clients will always involve the proper projection of information to potential customers alongside intelligently answering asked questions and persuasion.

Trusting your intuition and basing your judgments on your facts can go a long way in enabling you to find the right person for the job. Use the tips above and an assessment to help you find an enthusiastic and competent sales person which we all know is no mean feat.