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The success of a website depends more on the accessibility than the visual design. The modern day internet users only scan for information. They are specific to their requirement and would not read or see anything that needlessly takes their time. Therefore, you have to be cautious and prudent in designing a website, a user-friendly website.

Whether you want to maintain a website for your business or keep a personal blog, the template and the theme you choose can make an enormous difference in the user’s perception. We are here to help you in designing an effective website. We offer tips and ideas that come handy while planning for a website or a blog. This site also throws light on the variety of well appreciated templates and best themes.

Template is a pre-designed layout that allows strategic arrangement of a variety of web elements such as text, images, videos, animations, widgets and other graphics.The template is chosen based on the nature of the website or blog. For instance, if the site is content heavy, you can use templates that are simple and elegant so that the text is highlighted. You should use clear font with distinct spacing to give the user a pleasant reading experience. The navigation has to be subtly placed either on the top or left. Template is a basic indication of the page layout and is consistent across all the pages of the site. Today, hundreds of web templates are available on the internet for free download.

Theme, on the other hand, is an extended package of a further variety of elements along with the template. Themes play a major role in determining the look and feel of your site. You can have a set of elements like images, colors associated to the same theme. For example, if you are writing on environmental issues, you can keep a relevant theme. You can have pictures of the environment in the background; your headings can be in green. You can use an image of a leaf instead of a regular dot bullet. On one column, you can have a video playing a documentary on ‘Save our Planet’.  All these have a common element. Likewise, based on the individual creativity, the designers choose what to include in their themes. Themes are like the skin of a website. You can choose change the theme of your website or blog periodically, however, without altering the content. Themes are the current trend on the internet that has gained immense popularity. You can download some basic themes from the internet for free.

Precisely, appropriate use of templates and themes for your web page, not only enhances the appearance of your site but also makes it user-friendly. So it is essential to choose the right theme that suits your purpose. Also, while creating a website, always have the user in mind. After all, the sole purpose of your site is to give them information in a way they receive and understand. Read on to know more about us and what we do.

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