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posted on 12/7/2003 at 17:02

Oh my god! They've found me!

posted on 12/7/2003 at 16:49

Let's bother Lobos! Coming in from a Webvida designed site -- -- and a forum means it's time to rant and rave about this guy. Keep him busy, he does a good job and you can pay him in crushed almonds. Strange. I keep offering him money but he just keeps saying, in this weird voice, "More crushed almonds."

Okay, this forum needs a larger selection of smilies. I despise smilies, but I make a point of including this one at the bottom of all my official emails at work:

[Edited on 12/7/2003 by sasha]

[Edited on 12/7/2003 by sasha]

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