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Author: Subject: Broken Layout Fix


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  posted on 9/8/2003 at 01:01

In NS_User module:
Creation of a private message (core function) breaks graphics due to data entry field size.

Update of a personal information (core function) breaks graphics due to data entry field size.

Fix: Add the following code to the bottom of themes/wvNovaStorm/theme.cfg (this also gets rid of the nasty green colour in the private messages

$custom_module['Messages'] = array (
'main' => "themeAdmin.html",
'bgcolor1' => "#cccccc", // [color1]
'bgcolor2' => "#8080ff", // [color2]
'bgcolor3' => "#808080", // [color3]
'bgcolor4' => "#cccccc", // [color4]
$custom_module['Your_Account'] = array (
'main' => "themeAdmin.html",

This will point the modules at the themeAdmin.html template, this is the full width template without blocks and the header eg The template for the admin menu.

You can call this for any module, just create a new instance of the custom module code in theme.cfg eg:

$custom_module['My_Module'] = array (
'main' => "themeAdmin.html",

Kindest regards

[Edited on 9/8/2003 by Lobos]


Team Webvida

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