What You Need to Know About Home Care for the Elderly

One of the many responsibilities that adults have aside from raising their own families is the continued care that they need to provide for their parents.  You and your siblings have probably started discussing about the future of your parents as they grow old.

Eldely woman and daughterShould you send them to assisted living facilities? Should you hire somebody to care for them on a full time basis? There are many options available for your family but your main concern should be the well-being of your parents. At the end of the day, you will have to take into consideration what will ultimately make them happy.

The growing trend in elderly care nowadays is the concept of home care. More and more families have started to believe that home care is the best option for them for the plain reason that this arrangement allows them to be in the safety and comfort of their own homes. In addition to this, many families have found it a lot more affordable as compared to assisted living facilities. If you are currently looking into home care as an option, make sure to explore and research on all the benefits and advantages that you and your entire family can have if you decide on this arrangement.

What is home care all about?

Studies show that home care is now the most preferred arrangement for many senior citizens. There are many types of home care available in your community but the main purpose of this arrangement is to keep families closer together by letting their elderly loved ones age and continue celebrating life right in the comforts of their own home. In home care, your parents will have the assistance of licensed home health aides, certified nursing assistants or caregivers to assist them in their daily functioning. Home care aides work closely with the elderly to help them in bathing, dressing, cooking meals, run errands, and help them with their required medications. Having a home care aide is like having a companion or a friend that will not just help in your parents’ daily functioning but will also provide emotional support.

What are the benefits of home care for the elderly?

1.) Home is where the heart is.

Elderly Woman with family at home

Nothing beats the comfort and familiarity that a person can have from being in the place that holds a lot of happy memories for them. Your parents will truly cherish growing old and happy in the same house where they raised you. You may not be there all the time but simply being at home can ultimately bring them the emotional positivity that they need.

2.) Being at home brings the family closer.

You and your siblings may have moved to different places as you started your own families and thrived in your careers. Knowing that your parents are just right at home makes it easier for you to visit them on a regular basis. For parents, nothing is more important than knowing that they are valued by their children and grand children.

3.) Freedom and Independence.

The one thing that your parents value the most as they age is their independence. Knowing that they are still able to function on their own and that they are still able to handle day-to-day tasks allows them to stay in top shape mentally, physically and emotionally. The home care aide is simply there to assist or to make sure that they have somebody with them in case of medical emergencies.

4.) One-on-one care.

When a home care aide is assigned to your parent’s home you are assured that they are given all the attention and gentle loving care that they need. The aide is trained to give them assistance as it is needed but only up to a point that they are not overbearing so as not to hamper your parent’s feeling of independence. With a home care aide, you are assured that your beloved elder will always have a friend ready to listen to them as well as to give them 100% attention.

5.) Affordability.

The rising cost of assisted living institutions has prompted many families to go for the less expensive home care arrangement. There are many home care agencies that charge less per hour as compared to hiring traditional sitters. As long as you do your research well, you will find a company, a registry, or an agency that will provide you with affordable rates without compromising quality of care.

6.) Comfort and peace of mind.

Knowing that your beloved parents are well taken care of by a professional home care aide gives you the confidence to go about your life without having to worry too much about them. You have a job and a family to take care of yourself so entrusting your parents to quality home care is the best thing that you can give them.

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Foot Conditions Caused By Wearing The Wrong Footwear

Introduction to foot conditions

Foot conditions refer to problems on any part of the foot caused by natural defects, over exercise, diseases and or wrong footwear. Feet, like any other body organs, need to be taken care of; otherwise foot problems might develop or get accelerated. Most foot conditions may not be a nuisance, but others can be extremely painful and or hamper day to day movement; not to mention can affect other body parts due to distorted walking style. Foot problems can affect toe joints, foot skin, arch, nails, heel bone and tendons in the foot. Bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, hammer toe, fallen arches or flatfoot, Plantar Fasciitis, cones, Metatarsalgia, gout, spurs, fungal nail infection, ingrown toes and athlete’s foot comprise common foot problems.

Causes of foot problems

Some foot conditions may be inherent (such as bunions and hammer toes) while others may result from diseases (such as warts caused by viruses and foot problems caused by arthritis), extreme exercise of the foot or wrong footwear. Athletes have higher chances of suffering from Metatarsalgia and Plantar Fasciitis than regular people, due to the high foot activity. People who stand for long duration, wear high heels and or shoes that do not give their feet adequate room for movement or shock absorbing, suffer cones, Morton’s Neuroma, bunions and flatfoot among others.

High heels and other wrong footwear

High heels have gained an important place in contributing to foot problems.


This is because, in addition to the shoe height causing the heel to carry much of the body’s weight, which strains and or makes tendons tear and get inflamed, the shoes come in extremely narrow and narrow-toed shapes that compress the feet; preventing free movements of the foot. A compressed foot suffers more trauma than a freer one, if and when a person experiences a foot injury and the skin, ligaments, bones, nerves and blood capillaries become torn, compressed and even inflamed. Other wrong footwear, including flat rigid shoes, closed narrow shoes and shoes without ample shock absorbers, causes the foot to bear all the weight of a person or incident while shoes that lack ample space for the foot to wriggle freely hurt the foot skin and compresses the bones/ nerves.


This foot condition exhibits in the form of pain at the ball of the foot. The condition occurs when extreme pressure gets exerted on the ball of the foot (the area between the toes and foot instep, which comes into contact with the ground). The condition, mostly, occurs after long periods of standing, overusing that foot part and or wearing shoes that do not protect the foot from hard surfaces contacts. While this condition poses no major threat, the pain can be demobilizing. Relief from the pain and long term treatment can be achieved through icing the hurting part, wearing low, comfortable shoes, using floor mats and or taking ample rest to heal it.


Wrong footwear has its fair share of foot problems.Some people choose to wear extremely narrow shoes in the hope of narrowing the feet they consider wide.

bunionThis mechanism works by keeping the foot muscles and bones constantly pressed. The downside of this is that bones, especially the big and small toe, get pressed together with others, and this may cause their permanent, yet painful, diversion. The areas of the bends may become inflamed, due to strained nerves and ligaments, while the skin in contact with the shoes experiences excruciating pain. Treatment for this condition can be obtained by wearing flat shoes with ample space for the foot to breathe and move, taking antibiotics for the inflammation and or having surgery to correct the diverted bones.

Plantar Fasciitis

This foot problem refers to an injury of the plantar fascia, the tissue that binds the toes to the heel bone. Extreme pressure on the foot may cause these thick tissues to tear and get inflamed. This problem, mostly, exhibits in the form of sharp pain in the heel; that shoots up during the first steps after a long rest. The knee, back and hip may get affected by the plantar fasciitis as the heel pain might cause a person to change his/ her walking style to avoid the pain.

Hammer toe

While this foot condition, mostly, passes down generational lines, tight footwear can contribute to it. Hammer toe refers to a condition where the toes’ muscles become shorter, causing the first joint of the toe to sink and the toe bone to get raised. The raised toe joint, initially becomes painful, but after some time of getting pressed by the shoes, hardens. To avoid this condition, people should avoid wearing tight shoes as this presses the toes backwards, but if the condition is inherent or advanced, surgery can correct it.

Fallen arch

Normally the foot of an adult human being is not flat. The toes, the ball of the foot and the heel make contact with the ground while the arch (between the heel and ball of the foot) is slightly raised. Flatfooted people have their arches collapsed, an indication of torn/ stretched tendons due to over-activity of the foot, rheumatoid arthritis, extreme body weight exerted on the foot and or wrong wear, which inflicts immense pain on the foot and causes the foot to tire easily.

Morton’s Neuroma

This condition occurs when one or some of the nerves, leading to the toes, thicken. The thickened nerves, usually between the 3rd and 4th toe or 2nd and 3rd toe may get inflamed; causing pain in the ball of the foot, where the nerve is, and or numbness in the toes served by that nerve. High heels and sharp-toed shoes have received much blame for this condition as they press the toes and foot tight; preventing adequate blood circulation and sensitivity.


Many foot conditions can be avoided if only people took proper care of their feet; starting with wearing the right footwear. Common foot problems such as Metatarsalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, hammer toe, fallen arch, bunions and cones, among others, can be prevented and or corrected through wearing comfortable height and wide shoes that take the body’s pressure off some parts of the foot, and also allow free movement of the foot inside the shoe. Podiatrists recommend foot rest, comfortable footwear, drugs and sometimes surgery to correct some of the advanced foot conditions.

Image Attribution: BruceBlaus

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How A Home Care Aide Improves Your Life

Getting older can mean sacrificing many necessities and pleasures in life. However, when you have the help of a home care aide, you can get many of those things back. Avoid the frustrations and feeling helpless around your own home, and discover all the ways a home care aide can improve your life.

Healthier Eating

home care aide with elderly womanPreparing nutritious meals is part of keeping yourself healthy, but that can be difficult as you get older. Also, most people who live by themselves don’t bother to put anything special together, opting instead for quick and easy eating. A home care aide can do the grocery shopping, plan a menu and create appetizing meals that are good for you. Eating well can improve chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, and is an essential aspect of living with diabetes. Enjoy a well balanced diet, with help from a home care aide in your kitchen.

A Cleaner Environment

Germs, dust and mold simply aren’t healthy for anyone, but they can be particularly menacing when you are elderly or in frail health. However; keeping a home spic and span is next to impossible if your mobility and dexterity aren’t what they used to be! Home care aides specialize in spiffing up with TLC, keeping the environment safer and more attractive for you. Heavy duty weekly cleanings are at your service and things like spring cleaning are no longer a dangerous obstacle. You deserve a clean and healthy home, so sit back and let it be taken care of for you.

Personal Assistance

If you are having difficulty providing yourself with the personal attention you need, a home care aid can assist with dignity and diligence. Bathing, brushing and other personal care matters no longer need to be neglected or put you in a compromising position. You can get help navigating the tub and bathroom, and feel safer as you dress and groom with a reliable aide by your side. Talk to them about rearranging your household too, if doing so will mean being able to get around easier and more safely. For example, items could be moved from high up in a medicine cabinet to a convenient folding table placed strategically by your bed or next to the sink. There are also many inventions designed to help when ordinary activities become too laborious. Discuss the possibilities with your home care aide, and see how much more pleasant every day can be.

Getting You Up And About

When you dread, rather than look forward to getting around, it’s easy to become discouraged right out of the enjoyment of life. A home care aide can take you places, from your own backyard to a shopping mall. Getting fresh air and socializing is a big part of healthy living, and simply going for an afternoon drive can do wonders for your spirits. Schedule something fun ahead of time with your aid, so that all the necessities in your home can be taken care of before the two of you venture off. If you’ve been stuck indoors because you have any fear of falling or have simply given up on getting out, discover the possibilities a trusted aid can provide. Go for a trip down memory lane or visit an old friend. Enjoy your favorite entree at the best local eatery, or catch a movie that will simply blow you away.

Taking Care Of Business

Let’s face it: Running your life is complicated and it’s easy to forget about things at any age! Bills, subscriptions, appointments and more are often neglected, simply because we didn’t remember to take care of them. Ask your home care aide to regularly look into the important matters in your life, like calling to confirm a visit to the doctor’s office or making sure you never miss an installment of your favorite show. An easy to follow weekly list could be made up, to ensure that no detail in your life is overlooked. From necessary utility payments to leisurely browsing your favorite periodical, you ought to feel comfortable and competent in your own life and in total command of it!

Home care aides are a wonderful way to avoid a lot of the helplessness and hazards we experience as we age. You owe it to yourself to discover the possibilities and to enjoy all the improvements they can provide.

For people in the Miami area including the surrounding cities in Dade County, Florida, there is a professional home care service that trains, screens (very important) and matches qualified home care aides with older people who need the extra help. Give Jewish Home Care Services of Miami-Dade at (305) 534-5055.

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Opt For Quality And Comfort With Birkenstock

As you shop for footwear, you are probably one who likes to take both design and overall comfort into consideration. After all, while you are wearing shoes and walking, the last thing that you want is to find that you are feeling any sort of discomfort. Choosing the Birkenstock name means that you are buying into a long and reputable tradition of footwear that is quality crafted and made from only the best possible materials that money can buy. Part of the secret lies in the attention that is given to the footbed of each design to make sure that there is both comfort and incredible support in each and every step.

Birkenstock Gizeh SandalsWith over 200 years of incredible footwear, the Birkenstock brand knows that it takes to make sure that each pair of feet that slip into their shoes are wrapped in total comfort. Crafted in Germany with hard work and dedication, the leather and suede that go into every pair are genuine and top of the line. Depending on the style that you choose, you have the option of either cork or natural latex for the footbed and made to contour the natural shape of the foot. When you put them on, you are going to find that your weight is actually evenly distributed and gives a bit of raise to the arch to give incredible balance and proper circulation.

Even though it may seem as though the overall design of the Birkenstock line is both simple and basic, there is nothing quite like the feel when you slip your feet into their sandals or clogs. A lot of customers love the simple design and the ability to feel as though they are walking on a cloud each and every time that they wear their favorite pair. As a matter of fact, many people who try a pair of Birkenstocks for the very first time will never switch to another style or brand of shoe as they are hooked. When you have the ability to walk with absolute support and stability, you really cannot deny what an incredible find you have. All in all, you are not only making an investment in footwear but in your overall health as well while you support your back, spine and feet.

When it comes to the design of the toe area of a pair of Birkenstocks, you will find that they are also put together with the wearer in mind. For plenty of toe room, the tip of each pair of clogs are made with a larger and more contoured space to help provide amazing comfort. When the toes are able to stretch out and then rest in a natural position, the person wearing the shoes will find that they will have less cramping of the muscles in the foot and leg.

In addition to paying attention to the needs of their customers, Birkenstock makes sure that each pair of shoes are designed to last for many, many years. When you invest in a pair, you are going to see that they will be there for you to give you unmatched comfort for quite some time into the future.

Birkenstock HappyFeet Online Store

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The Health Benefits of a Foot Massage

The benefits of foot massage go way further than just a relaxing treat. It has long been known and accepted that the feet contain lots of different pressure points and nerves that can be manipulated to provide relaxation, pain relief, and more. Having a foot massage performed by a trained reflexologist, pedicure technician, massage therapist, podiatrist, other therapy professional or even your partner can help relieve your pain and leave you reinvigorated. If you need some ammunition to get your partner on board, read on about the health benefits of foot massage and if you promise to return the favor, you can receive the benefits of foot massage on a regular basis.

Relaxation and Rest

foot massageWith over seven thousand nerve endings in the feet, they are a treasure trove of pressure points waiting to be unlocked to provide tension release and relief. Using a reflexology pressure point chart, locate the point for the solar plexus on the booth feet. Applying pressure to the solar plexus pressure points in your feet will immediately release stored stress and allow your body to decompress, relax and unwind.

Removal of Toxins and Improved Circulation

Foot massage can help reduce high stress rates that can often restrict blood flow and compromise circulation. Distressing through foot massage helps the body release stress hormones that inhibit circulation and can help improve blood flow and decrease toxins that accumulate in your body.

Nail And Toe Care

Foot massages are a great way to avoid painful foot, toe and nail problems. Using a moisturizing massage cream can prevent dry, cracked, painful heels that can lead to fissures and infections. Massaging cream into your toenails and cuticles will keep them hydrated and can help avoid the onset of thick, yellow or calloused skin and nail problems.

Diabetics and People With Foot Ulcers Benefit From Massage

People with compromised circulation can derive great benefits from foot massage. In studies, people with diabetic foot ulcers saw a significantly decreased healing time when their foot ulcers were treated with massage. It is theorized the benefits derived from increased circulation through massage are behind the results and doctor recommend massage therapy in tandem with standard medical and surgical treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

Cancer Patients

Cancer patients also report multiple benefits from receiving foot massages. After receiving foot massages, cancer patients report feeling less nausea, pain, fatigue, vomiting, and decreased anxiety. Massage may help cancer patients on multiple levels, both physically and mentally by providing pain relief and tension relief. Incorporating massage therapy into a cancer treatment plan can be a successful way to manage the ravages of cancer.

Ancient people revered the feet as the house of pressure points and knew that manipulation of those points can effect the way people feel and function. Tap into this ancient wisdom and use the power of acupressure points to alter your mood, pain state, disposition and to increase circulation and flush out toxins. Try a foot massage once a day for a week and see if you do not feel differently. Once you see and feel the difference, you will be a devotee of foot massage and its benefits.

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Home Care Aides Can Help With Your Elderly Parent

Managing both one’s family and career can pose problems if the individual has to also care for an aging parent, dealing with a chronic illness. The majority of adult children do not quit their jobs to take care of their elderly parents, and the children do not typically wish to admit their mothers and fathers to nursing homes or facilities providing assisted living services.Hiring what’s called a ‘home care aide’ can oftentimes turn out to be the answer to this problem.

Elderly woman and home care aideThe older person who would prefer to remain in their own home can achieve that goal by employing a caregiver who renders the needed daily assistance.. Depending on the person’s condition, the caregiver can provide services on a part-time or full time schedule, either every day or just a few days a week. Depending on exactly what duties the person needs help with, the caregiver can come and go during the day. The caregiver can help the patient with any prescribed drugs, ascertaining that both the dosage and timing are followed as instructed by their physician. Adult children are able to work and maintain their homes because they know their mothers or fathers are receiving the care they require. Hiring a home care aide provides solutions to various situations.

Many times, the need for assistance will not be permanent, such as with recovery from a heart attack or fall.. Naturally, someone who need assistance while recovering from an injury or other health condition would be much more satisfied with in-home care as opposed to an outside health-care facility. Should symptoms change or worsen, the aide can notify the client’s doctor. Probably the most important benefit of having a home care aid in the house is the human interaction they provide to the client.

Of course, care in the home is also very helpful for anyone suffering from a chronic ailment. The home care aide can also be employed for a portion of the senior’s care, so that while the child still have some care duties, they benefit from some additional hours in the day for their other responsibilities. Caring for a parent can be both time-absorbing and mentally exhausting, so any help provided by an aide can be liberating. Should a task need two people to do it safely, the aide can provide help to the adult child in completing it.

It’s impossible to make a blanket statement, but it’s worth checking to see if private insurance or Medicare pays for home care expenditures. Don’t shortchange the option of researching other possibilities for covering costs such as charitable endowments; investigation may pay off here. This research can end up providing the very best level of care for your relative.

It’s entirely feasible that an adult child can see to the well-being of an aging mother or father, if they obtain the health of a home care aide. Every senior wants to retain a certain measure of independence, and hiring a home care caregiver may provide the best answer for helping the elderly person experience a certain amount of freedom and dignity. A grown child who finds themselves responsible for the care of a parent with a medical condition can reduce their load by bringing in an aide who can provide assistance directly in the home.

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Birkenstock: My Favorite Brand of Sandals

Choosing from the superior Birkenstock line of footwear is just about the best choice you can make if you’re in the market for new shoes, sandals, or clogs. In addition to being healthy for your feet, these shoes are also renowned for their comfort.

Birkenstock Arizona SandalCompared to the average footwear, Birkenstocks have a contoured footbed created from latex and cork. The shoes are made for daily wear as the footbed has been conceived to match the shape of our feet. It also includes a toe bar, which promotes the natural gripping tendency of the toes. This provides great exercise for the feet and legs in addition to benefiting blood flow and balance. Which all leads to the correct alignment of the spinal column.

The basic Birkenstock philosophy is that the supportive, contoured, healthy footbed also improves the comfort level. The footbed also features a deep ‘heel cup’ and abundant room for the toes, which improves posture and weight dissipation by allowing the foot to assume its natural position, even during extended wear.

And with the flexible latex and cork composition allowing the footwear to slowly mold itself to the wearer’s foot, Birkenstock lovers frequently claim that the comfort level of their shoes only increases with the passage of time.

Birkenstocks offer a wide range of choices these days, varying from the classic footbed we’ve been discussing, to the ‘soft footbed’ option for those with sensitive feet, to the high arch footbed for those needing extra support, there’s something for everyone. And Birks aren’t only for people who are trying to combat foot problems. With the currently available range of styles, materials and colors that’s available, everyone can find something that suits their needs and tastes.

Having the correct footwear can be important to your health. One step towards helping your kids have healthy feet for life is putting them into a pair of these great shoes now. The contours mirror your child’s foot, encouraging proper growth and making them perfect for everyday use.

Everyone loves having a choice when it comes to buying shoes and these items leave nothing to be desired. Sandals include slip on styles as well as those with a heel strap and decorative buckle. Clogs are so convenient when you are ready to step into the great outdoors.

Birkenstocks are easily available. Many quality shoe stores carry them and they can be found through many online websites, including Birkenstockusa.com. NO matter what you decide, you will not be sorry when you find the pair that suits you best.

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