We have finally got it thru our thick skulls that people deserve not just quality, but QUALITY AND QUANTITY! With this comes the realisation that it's time to offer you a bargain... ooooh and a tasty one at that :)

So without further ado, I (Lobos aka Adam Docherty) am happy to announce The Webvida Bulk Autotheme Deal!!! HERE WE GO! All the themes on this website have been bundled into one yummy package of GOODNESS for your pleasure. One yummy package that will cost you $29.99, that's right, $29.99 - the normal going rate for ONE of our themes. For a short while you can get all of our themes for $29.99, thats only around $1 per theme...

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This item is perfect for those looking to deploy high quality, professional sport type Autothemes. The Author has also indicated that this item is applicable to surfwear type Autothemes, surfshop type Autothemes, surfing type Autothemes, surfboard type Autothemes, ocean type Autothemes, sea type Autothemes, waves type Autothemes, water type Autothemes and type Autothemes.
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Template ID :#87
Designer :webvida
Type :GUI
Category :Autothemes
Price :$29.99
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Includes Web Template
Web Template HTML can be modified in the following visual editiors:
Macromedia DreamweaverMX+
Adobe GoLive
Microsoft Frontpage.

Includes CMS Themes
Includes the following CMS Theme Engine technology:
Autotheme is compatible with:
Includes Graphic Template
Graphic Template Format:
Macromedia FireworksMX .png

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Theme Specs: W3C XHTML and CSS compliant

This design is optimized to 1024x768 screen resolution.

Just you, your surfboard and THOUSANDS OF VISITORS! This beautifully designed surfing web template will give your website visitors an experience that can only be described as "visual eye candy". This design will easily pay for it's self with the amount of units it will draw to your site - perfect for your surfshop, surfwear site or even surf life saving organisation!

Hand crafted using Fireworks MX, this graphic design is a snap to modify
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