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About us

Webvida was founded September, 2002 by head designer Adam Docherty (aka Lobos) and has since concentrated on providing open source CMS users with affordable yet professional design systems for their software.

Perceived by many as the formost innovator in cms theme design today, Webvida continues to raise the benchmark and set the industry standard by which others are measured.

We are proud of the influence had in promoting the nuke CMS and are sure that our themes have had an influential part in helping acheive the huge exponential growth that this wonderful piece of software has experienced in the last few years.

Webvida ThemeWorks specialises in Postnuke themes and Postnuke autothemes, MDpro themes and MDpro autothemes, Envolution themes and Envolution autothemes, PHPnuke themes and PHPnuke Autothemes, MD pro themes and MD pro autothemes.

Our Services

Webvida ThemeWorks Specalise in GUI (Graphical User Interface) design. We use the latest in graphical design software and conform to highest standards of HTML, CSS, DHTML, PHP, Javascript implementation. Look no further than Webvida ThemeWorks when seeking professional CMS theme design services.

Theme Converison Service
Webvida has the knowledge and know how to "convert" virtually any existing graphical web template layout to a CMS theme system for Postnuke, PHPnuke, MD-Pro and Envolution. That means you have a choice of over 4000 professional designs to choose from. Click here to view the designs. You can also display these designs on your website and receive generous commissions when people buy them. Click here to sign up.
Custom Theme Design
With over 10 years combined experience in web development and CMS theme creation Webvida ThemeWorks is your partner in design. From Conception through to implementation our team of professionals will help you acheive the realisation of your own custom professional design. This service is reasonably priced, but if you are looking for a solution under $US500.00 you may wish to check out our commercial and free theme section.
CMS Consulting Service
Although many open source CM Systems are very user friendly, it is understood that many may not have the time or inclination to install and configure their CMS Website. Webvida offers full consulation services from GUI design to Navigation and Information Architecture. We have been working with open source CM Systems for many years and have the ability to create websites that ensure your vistors come back; again and again.
Commercial Theme Design

With a sound knowledge in Autotheme and CMS template design systems, Webvida's commercial CMS theme products are second to none. Our commercial themes and our free themes ensure that you can have a world class website design for less than the price of a new pair of shoes :)

Web Templates Design
Website templates are pre-made web design products that can be easily customized to integrate with the CMS environment. Our Website templates are available in Photoshop and HTML format and are compatible with FrontPage, DreamWeaver, GoLive, and other software.

Webvida is committed to supporting our customers and members. Where possible we will always provide timely and effective support services for our products. Please ensure that you direct your support query to the appropriate department. Be sure to check the Frequently asked questions section first; if a query is found to be already answered in the FAQ it will be ignored or deleted

Please note that we will only answer support questions relating to our products; for questions that fall outside of this requirement you may wish to enquire about our CMS Consultation Service .
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