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Ah, the Web Life! These days it covers everything from looking up a phone number to acquiring health care. While this Site will not be about everything, I’m sure, everything may find it’s way within these pages. I did not, like most of my readers grow up with a computer in my pocket. I purchased my first computer in 1990, a Kaypro, which I never did figure out. My next attempt was a 286 IBM clone. I was ecstatic when I was able to print out a music note stationary for my then wife.

Shortly after I invested a thousand dollars in a used 386 with eight meg of ram and a forty meg hard drive. I thought I was rockin’. At the time, I owned a novelty store, had been a retail store owner for more than a decade and couldn’t wait to get out of it. I thought, perhaps if I sold my wears on Prodigy and Compuserve, I could transition to a business where I could avoid people.

And then in 1994, Netscape, Netcom and America Online (AOL was cool back then) changed my world with this thing called the World Wide Web.

I knew I needed a Web Site to sell my wares, but no one here one the West Coast of Florida knew how to build one…so I taught myself how. Within a few months I had an extensive Web Site, had sold my brick and mortar store, became a father…a divorced father (the cyber life has a price) and began winning awards for Web design.

In truth it wasn’t that I was particularly good at Web design; it’s just that there wasn’t much competition back then, never-the-less the awards went to my head. I soon closed down my budding e-commerce business and hung up a shingle as an Internet Marketing Consultant.

And here I am, nearly twenty years later with no life, but the Web life. Not a bad life, but if I could do it all over again…


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