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MoOX: Hellow?
umm: sup
Rich: hello?
mgss: Possible somewhere get the code such Guest Book?
mgss: All have found! Thank you!
V-A-C: hey
pepe: hello! do you whant!
tester: nice shoutbox - which one is this? Does it have a swear filter? excuse me while I test. ****
Brumie: oh kewl shoutbox
PDoggy: This is new. And it's looks nice too. Well done sir/maam!
Phelia: But why is it called Guest Book? Are we all misusing it?
Pooh: G'nite
Admin: Shoutbox/guestboo
k I don~t really care what you put here...
dilema: i was wondering if you could tell me where to get this module. my email is' target='_blank' class='inlinelink'>dilema@mkeadle.or
dilema: i would really appreciate the help, i've been looking for it 4-eva
Admin: from WebFroot of course!
Aether: woohooo whats up i want one of these
Aether: Enter lol
123: 123