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Why Home Care is the Right Choice for Your Elderly Parent

For those with parents in Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach and the surrounding cities in Broward and Palm Beach counties, Florida who have reached the age where they can use a bit of help, but choose to continue living in their own home, an excellent solution is to hire a home care aide.

Elderly Woman in Delray BeacA trained home care aide’s responsibilities may include bathing, dressing assisting with activities of daily living and personal grooming if desired.

The aide you hire will also have to ensure that your parent’s home is neat and tidy to keep your parent safe and healthy. Many trained aides perform some housekeeping tasks i.e. taking care of the laundry and dusting the house. Helping with the groceries and bringing your parent to an activity centers as well as other errands are also part of an aide’s job.

Another duty is the preparation and serving of meals meals for your parent. A good aide will make sure that your parent’s diet is followed or if he or she is not on a special diet — basic nutrition should be provided to ensure a healthy diet given on a regular schedule.

One important ingredient in senior home care is companionship. Having someone to talk to is important for every senior citizen. The senior will know he is cared for and that and that someone is listening to his concerns and stories. This is an essential part of home care especially for an elderly person who lives on his own.

Good aides also keep records of the daily routines and progress of the people they take care of. Such records are vital for the references of the senior’s family and his physicians. Any types of changes are noted in these records so that problems can be addressed by the doctor.

According to law, a home health aide can’t provide nursing services. If there is a need for your parent to get such services, getting a Registered Nurse can provide the medical care. However, tasks such as exercises and ensuring that he takes his medication are within the scope of duties for aides.

Elderly people of today are healthier than those in the past and because of their good health, they prefer to live on their own.The purpose of home care is to let the seniors have as much independence as possible. Eldercare makes this achievable while keeping seniors safe.

The considerable improvement in a senior’s quality of life can be achieved through home care. If your parent is in good health, there is no need for you to even consider a skilled nursing facility because staying at home is more beneficial for a senior’s health and emotional well being.

Aides working for a home care agency or registry like Boca Home Care Services are fully screened, background checked, responsible, licensed, and trained. Having a person like this taking care of your parent will give you peace of mind certain of the care that your parent is receiving.

When preparing for home care, expect an in-home assessment. The assessment will focus on the home environment, the health of the senior along with his special needs. This assessment will determine what kind of health care is needed. For seniors with medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, customized care will be given. If you have questions about home care services, they will be addressed. The visit will also determine what kind of caregiver will be needed.

You can contact Boca Home Care Services at 561-989-0611 or 877-706-0785 to schedule a visit or to ask further questions.

The Probate Process in Florida - A Comprehensive Overview

The probate process is the method of which an estate, including assets, is legally processed and administered after a person’s death. Probate processes provide a legal, organized and supervised manner for estate transfers and ensure debts or taxes are paid prior to beneficiaries receiving their portion of inheritance. Probate is applicable whether or not the deceased individual made out a will in his lifetime.

Types of Probate in Florida

Broward Probate AttorneyFlorida provides four different probate processes. The formal or summary administration processes can be implemented whether or not a will exists. Formal administration is the most commonly used process involving a personal representative. The process is only considered formal administration if it begins within two years of the date the person passed away. Additionally, it can only be used if the assets of the deceased are worth more than $75,000, without his primary residence included. The formal process is urged in any case that also involves a law suit associated with the estate, or if money is owed to creditors.

The summary administration process is usually implemented if the estate is worth less than $75,000 without including the value of the primary residence. If the deceased individual passed away more than two years prior to beginning the probate process, summary administration is the typical route. In the summary process, a personal representative is not necessary. The process allows for a simple title transfer directly to the beneficiaries.

The third probate process is referred to as the admission of foreign will to record. This method is used when a will regards real property assets in the state of Florida, such as a condominium or vacant lot, and has been probated in a state other than Florida. Admission of foreign will to record is frequently used when the beneficiary is attempting to sell the property in Florida. The beneficiary requests the title be legally transferred to him in order for him to properly transfer it to the buyer. However, this process cannot be implemented if the estate owes any amount of money to creditors.

The final probate process is referred to as no probate, or disposition without administration. This process occurs when the funeral expenses combined with the final sixty days of medical costs are paid for by a person other than the deceased individual, and those charges amount to a larger sum than the deceased person’s property is valued.

Probate Process Involvement

A number of details factor into which probate process is implemented in each case. Regardless of which method is used, several professionals play a role in completing the probate process. Aside from the personal representative, guardian or executor, a circuit court judge and a clerk of the court in the county of the deceased person’s primary estate are usually involved. An attorney for representative purposes, or a lawyer providing legal advice, is common. Any parties filing claims for debts incurred by the deceased are also involved, including health care providers and issuers of major credit cards.

Additionally, it is possible for the Internal Revenue Service to become involved in a probate process. This may occur if the deceased individual owes any federal income taxes, if the will detailed a financial federal gift or if the probate process includes any transfer tax matters.

The Appointed Personal Representative

A specific executor or personal representative may be named in the deceased person’s will. This person is eligible to perform the executing duties if he or she is legally qualified to do so. If the person is not qualified to carry out probate executions, or if there is no valid will, the surviving spouse retains the initial right to serve as the personal representative following approval from the judge.

If the deceased individual is not survived by a spouse or if the spouse gives up the right to serve, the personal representative is chosen by the beneficiaries. Should the beneficiaries disagree on their preference of the personal representative, a hearing is held for the judge to review the information. The judge then makes the ultimate decision of who to appoint as the personal representative.

When A Probate Attorney is Necessary

Personal representatives or guardians of deceased individuals must be represented by a lawyer legally practicing in the state of Florida. In the event that the personal representative or guardian is also an attorney that legally practices in the state of Florida, he is eligible to represent himself.

When A Probate Attorney is Not Necessary

If the personal representative or guardian of an estate is the only party interested and involved in claiming the assets, then an attorney is not mandatory. The individual can still decide to hire an attorney for representation or a lawyer for legal advice, but it is not a requirement.

The Role of An Attorney in The Probate Process

paperwork for probate in Florida

Although each attorney may provide slightly different services, they all carry out the same primary functions. In a formal administration process, the services dramatically vary by case circumstances. In the summary administration process, the role of a probate attorney is more structured.

All attorneys begin by reviewing the case information. If the probate attorney decides to take on a client, he sends a letter of engagement with an accompanying fee agreement. Once the client signs off on the fee agreement, the attorney is then responsible for preparing the estate orders, associated pleadings or petitions and other necessary paperwork for the court. These documents must be signed by the client before they can be sent to the court.

Once the files are gathered and signed by the client, the probate attorney submits the paperwork to the court in the estate’s corresponding county. The court judge reviews the documents and if everything is in order, signs off on the final orders. The probate attorney follows up by obtaining certified copies of the file and submitting it to official public record books, along with any applicable third parties.

In some cases, a public notice may be required. The probate attorney usually takes on the responsibility of finding the cheapest eligible publication and submitting the notice. If there are creditors owed by the estate, the attorney often contacts the creditors after he has published the notice. Dealing with creditors is a second detailed process within the lengthy probate process. The probate attorney may handle the claim validations and client consultations to discuss objecting, paying or settling the resounding debt with the creditors. Probate attorneys may work with clients to remove claims from a case entirely.

Length of the Probate Process

Depending on the circumstances of each case, the probate process can take as little as three months to complete. The process can also be extended to last longer than a full calendar year. Gathering the necessary documentation is one of the key components that results in a lengthy probate process. Technically, the documents that are needed to legally close a probate estate are not due for an entire year following the court’s issuance of the Letters of Administration to the personal representative. However, this deadline can be extended in most situations. According to the Florida Bar, it is most reasonable to assume that the average probate process for a normal estate will last between five and six months.

How A Home Care Aide Improves Your Life

Getting older can mean sacrificing many necessities and pleasures in life. However, when you have the help of a home care aide, you can get many of those things back. Avoid the frustrations and feeling helpless around your own home, and discover all the ways a home care aide can improve your life.

Healthier Eating

home care aide with elderly womanPreparing nutritious meals is part of keeping yourself healthy, but that can be difficult as you get older. Also, most people who live by themselves don’t bother to put anything special together, opting instead for quick and easy eating. A home care aide can do the grocery shopping, plan a menu and create appetizing meals that are good for you. Eating well can improve chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, and is an essential aspect of living with diabetes. Enjoy a well balanced diet, with help from a home care aide in your kitchen.

A Cleaner Environment

Germs, dust and mold simply aren’t healthy for anyone, but they can be particularly menacing when you are elderly or in frail health. However; keeping a home spic and span is next to impossible if your mobility and dexterity aren’t what they used to be! Home care aides specialize in spiffing up with TLC, keeping the environment safer and more attractive for you. Heavy duty weekly cleanings are at your service and things like spring cleaning are no longer a dangerous obstacle. You deserve a clean and healthy home, so sit back and let it be taken care of for you.

Personal Assistance

If you are having difficulty providing yourself with the personal attention you need, a home care aid can assist with dignity and diligence. Bathing, brushing and other personal care matters no longer need to be neglected or put you in a compromising position. You can get help navigating the tub and bathroom, and feel safer as you dress and groom with a reliable aide by your side. Talk to them about rearranging your household too, if doing so will mean being able to get around easier and more safely. For example, items could be moved from high up in a medicine cabinet to a convenient folding table placed strategically by your bed or next to the sink. There are also many inventions designed to help when ordinary activities become too laborious. Discuss the possibilities with your home care aide, and see how much more pleasant every day can be.

Getting You Up And About

When you dread, rather than look forward to getting around, it’s easy to become discouraged right out of the enjoyment of life. A home care aide can take you places, from your own backyard to a shopping mall. Getting fresh air and socializing is a big part of healthy living, and simply going for an afternoon drive can do wonders for your spirits. Schedule something fun ahead of time with your aid, so that all the necessities in your home can be taken care of before the two of you venture off. If you’ve been stuck indoors because you have any fear of falling or have simply given up on getting out, discover the possibilities a trusted aid can provide. Go for a trip down memory lane or visit an old friend. Enjoy your favorite entree at the best local eatery, or catch a movie that will simply blow you away.

Taking Care Of Business

Let’s face it: Running your life is complicated and it’s easy to forget about things at any age! Bills, subscriptions, appointments and more are often neglected, simply because we didn’t remember to take care of them. Ask your home care aide to regularly look into the important matters in your life, like calling to confirm a visit to the doctor’s office or making sure you never miss an installment of your favorite show. An easy to follow weekly list could be made up, to ensure that no detail in your life is overlooked. From necessary utility payments to leisurely browsing your favorite periodical, you ought to feel comfortable and competent in your own life and in total command of it!

Home care aides are a wonderful way to avoid a lot of the helplessness and hazards we experience as we age. You owe it to yourself to discover the possibilities and to enjoy all the improvements they can provide.

For people in the Miami area including the surrounding cities in Dade County, Florida, there is a professional home care service that trains, screens (very important) and matches qualified home care aides with older people who need the extra help. Give Jewish Home Care Services of Miami-Dade at (305) 534-5055.