Get a quick idea on how to decide on the theme for your website.

Step 1
First, identify the purpose of your site. Now, try to describe it with just one subject in a single sentence. For instance, you want to keep a website about your hotel business. You can initially describe it as, ‘A boutique hotel accommodating tourists and, serving authentic Chinese and Indian cuisine in California’. Your business has two different offerings - accommodation and food. So your website can be described as ‘A boutique hotel at California’ and your theme can revolve around this. Divide the site into two sections as ‘Accommodation’ and ‘Restaurant’. These sections can further be categorized into sub sections. Accommodation can have ‘single occupancy’ and ‘double occupancy’. Restaurant can be ‘Chinese’ and Indian’.

Step 2
Brainstorm for ideas. Take time to write down everything about your business and theme. No idea is bad; the question is if the idea fits the requirement. So include all the ideas. Then, filter them into several lists, look for similarity in the ideas, group them as a topic and give a title for all groups.

Step 3
Now, according to the tittles, pick each group and organize the ideas into meaningful information. Do not repeat the same concept. Strike off the ideas that do not match your theme. Add, if you have missed out any vital information.

Step 4
Since the outline is ready, you will know the essential pages. Naturally, you will be able to draft a layout. This will be your first cut theme. Gradually, improve on the ideas and fix the final structure. This will be your theme.

Step 5
Choose a suitable template and organise your content, text, pictures, videos, flash and other widgets accordingly to create a desired look and feel appropriate to your theme. Make sure to display unique content.

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